Growing up too fast??

Is it just me or do kids today seem to be growing up way too fast??? i mean really some kids today act like they are full grown adults. I’m not even to sure where to start on this but i will try my best not to make this post too messy and mixed up. I see 13 years olds acting like 23 years olds and it makes me wonder what are those 13 year olds really going to be like when they become  23?? The kids today  to me are kind of disturbing by the way the act and behave. It makes me sacred to have kids in the future god knows how they would turn out. Here is just a few ideas and factors on which might explain why.growing-up-too-fast

When i was growing up i consider myself living a normal childhood. I didn’t for one have internet till i was 16 ( note i was born in the early 90s) But even then internet was becoming more and more popular but i didn’t really feel the need of it. I didn’t have a fancy cell phone or even any phone till i was 15, again something i didn’t think too much about. I didn’t have a bf or any kind of encounter relationship till i was again 16/17. In fact before i was 16 as a child i did normal child like things i.e playing in the park, watching cartoons, playing with toys, talking to friends in school about you know kids talk. Then i turned 16 and well hey rebel times lol but i was staring to work and make my own income.

Today we see kids as young as 13 with iphones or BB and other kids would get picked on if they don’t have the latest things, I see 14 year olds giving relationship advice like they had over 20 year experience, I see 13-15 year olds wearing make-up and going on diets when they haven’t fully grown, i see young people like really really young trying to get laid, i don’t even think they are in puberty yet to actually do anything. I mean there is probably more but things like this makes me worry about how they will be when they actually grow up.

I think with all this technology and all this media trying to tell people how your life is really effecting are parading towards young people to live their proper childhood. Honestly its like their scared to be a young  in case they get bullied or picked on just because they don’t want to live a fast pace life or an adult life. So they get pressured into things which are not usual to see.

I think for one parents should stop giving these items like they was candy and the idea that’s its ok to be an adult when your actually 12. I myself was not allowed to wear make-up and meet guys till i was at least 16 even that when i think about it was still kinda too young. But i did other normal things at that age such as dye hair crazy colors, piercings, wear funky clothes but that’s all normal teenage life. I wasn’t thinking about having a serious relationship or having breast implants because i was a A-cup and i wanted to look older and more sexy, i hadn’t finish growing yet lol.

I understand we live in a modern world now and we have so much more things and facilities when we did back in the day. But i still think that kids are acting much older then they are. i mean we’re only young once, so why throw that away.

The funny thing is i don’t even think they know what ”growing up means”. They think its about clothes, phones, new shoes that by the way is was bought by mommy and daddy, having sex, or drinking etc.  But reality being a grown up means paying bills, supporting yourself, going to work making your own income. They don’t seem to think that way

The best thing to do for a child is let them live like a child, give them a good education, giving your kids some after school activities so they can socialize more, teach you child about the value of hard work and respect.

Worse things to do are giving your child magazines about how to look good, Letting your child watch way to much tv ( this is one of the factors on how they get influenced) ,  giving you child all the latest stuff like it was candy and giving the impression its ok to pretend to be adult without them know the value of being one.




Men VS Women. Who has it better??

I’m sure we always hear this ‘ who does it better’ or ‘ who does more’  in general. There always seems to be a competition between the two genders and i’m sure we can argue days on ends about this topic and never coming to any sort of conclusion. I myself am going to list some of the things we are both good and bad at rather then most people favor one over the other one as we see in most discussion and really when you think about it both genders and good and bad in some way. No gender is to say more superior then the other. I’m not just going to discuss about society in general i’m going to list  the physical and mental that each fail or achieve the best.Men-vs.-Women-cartoon1



PRO MEN :  They don’t have to worry about hair or doing their make-up. Yes lucky them they don’t have to really do much with themselves as suppose to women. All they need to do really is have a bath, clean shave, hair trim from time to time and just put on anything. whereas women have to spend quite some time to maintain themselves.

PRO MEN:  They can sleep with as many people and never get punish for it. I don’t get how if a man sleeps with 50 people everyone calls him a player and they all cock high five each other lol. A woman sleeps with 50 men and she is a slut, whore etc. Put it this way some women don’t want to have a serious relationship same like some men. Some women just want to have fun without attachments. Although we can see it that way unfortunately thanks to society men can get away with their sleepers stories. In fact men when asked how many people they slept with will always higher their number whereas woman tend to lower their number.

PRO WOMEN:  Men tend to be more lazy then girls. Now i’m not saying all men are lazy but most are. Men tend to get more comfortable with situations, relationships, work etc whereas women seems to always want to do something or achieve higher goals.  I notice pregnant women tend to have a lot more energy and like to keep very active. Women are just more driven to achievement, keeping active and making more effort.

PRO MEN : Men can travel around a lot more easy then women. Well is this more or less true. A guy can travel around and not seem to worry about where he will sleep, he can sleep anywhere. Whereas women tend to need to take extra care when traveling. Not saying nothing can’t happen to man to but its less chance then a woman lets just say. Also men have not much to worry about when they are moving overseas to like i said they can go and sleep anywhere share a flat with 10 people they don’t know, but don’t get me wrong some women do the same to but  most girls would prefer a nice secure place of their own or at least know the person first for a while before they can trust.

NEUTRAL:  Men ain’t that picky. haha not saying they will go for anything and some men are picky but not the same way as women. Women tend to look at every detail when dating a man and in a way they are right especially if they want someone stable. whereas a man just looks on the outside first and even if your not really his type he would more or less still do a woman despite even if they have nothing in common.

CON MEN:  Erection dysfunction. Well sorry to say but women never have to worry about getting anything up or worry about getting kicked in the balls. Men on the other hand do tend to worry because erection dysfunction can really happen at any age.

CON WOMEN:  Women has periods. Well it is a natural part of life and nothing much we can really do to help it. But it can be very VERY annoying to control it sometimes.

NEUTRAL :  Menopause and mid life crises. Both men and women will experience this, again natural part of life we can’t help

PRO MEN :  Men are good at saving money. Well some women can save to but its an estimate that 1/3 of men make more money then women and 24% of women spend more then men who makes more then them

PRO WOMEN:  Women produces life!!!!. Yes without women the reproduction  will end.

PRO/CON WOMEN :  Women can get laid easier. Well its a catch 22 here. Yes women can get laid fast if she wants to BUT that doesn’t mean he’s a keeper or worth it.

PRO WOMEN : Women can get into places or receive items for free. Well yes most clubs will allow girls in for free and men have to pay same as girls can get a free coffee or cake or whatever if the guy behind the counter finds her cute.

NEUTRAL : Both men and women can suffer for self image. Yes even though we usually see women complaining about their looks or weight, men can and usually suffer from the same thing to, it’s just not mention as much.

CON WOMEN:  Women take too long. Its a fact the women will spend 3 hours and 19 mins per week doing themselves up and an estimate 474 days in their whole lives getting ready. Men will spend half the time if not less.

PRO WOMEN:  Women seem to live longer then men by an estimate of 5 years more.

In conclusion i think we both fail and achieve things more or less on way or another but at the end of the day we are all humans and we should respect one to another despite being male or female. 🙂

Things that people don’t give a shit about

Well well here i am again to do another top 10 things. I should really be making this ”top 10” a niche market haha.  Anyways today i’m gonna talk about top 10 things to talk about or say that people really don’t give a shit about unless you wan to lose friends or make enemies which by all means go for it, I sure wouldn’t be listening anyways. shit-people-say

1. Status and class

Yes some people feel the need to talk about their status and what class they belong to. Well i’m in the i don’t give a shit class. Really though, do people believe that if they are in middle or upper class its going to make any difference whatsoever. Let’s face nobody really cares of you make £10 or £100,000 the only people that would are either gold diggers or pretensions pom pom wanna be’s. Thing is some people don’t even know what is middle or upper class is they just guess that they are to make themselves sound good when really their just working class and i don’t see why people would be ashamed of that.

2. I’m so fat???

Again something that has annoyed me and i’m guessing others to. I just hate when people post pictures of themselves saying how fat they are bla bla bla, well if you think your such a fat fucker then loss some weight, telling people all the time about it ain’t gonna make you get slimmer is it. Though some people just say they are fat just to get some attention and approvals when they know their not that bad. Let’s face it nobody cares they are bigger problems in this world then worry about someone complaining about their weight all the time.

3. Being materialistic

Yeah some people feel the need to brag or post pictures of every single item they own whether its clothes, Apple, Computer etc. Nobody cares if you got all the Apple series and nobody cares if you bought all the latest Nike series since 2010 till now. I mean every once in a while you might receive something nice and unusual so you post it up or talk about it that’s fine but everyday??? That just shows your materialist to the extreme and you got nothing else better to apart from show off what you buy everyday.  Its like me posting pictures of my shopping list everyday, ” And today i bought full cream milk as suppose to my semi skint milk and maybe tomorrow i’ll go wide and buy both” -_-.

4. Food postings

Ok unless its really really unusual and something you don’t see everyday why they fuck do people post food??? like simple food i.e eggs and bacon. Nobody really cares about what your eating really. I mean are you that bored you have to tell the world your eating an apple?? WooooooW -_-

5. Sleeping around, i’m a player

Ok if you get asked how many people you slept with or your having a funny chat about sex and say ” yeah number 8 was good” that’s one thing, but if you keep going on and on about how many people you have slept with well then nobody cares and people will see you as either a slut, sleazy, you think your god etc. Nobody cares if your a player or not and that fact that people feel the need to mention this just makes me wanna keep away from them in case they got STDs or AIDs  and another thing i always think is ” yeah sleeping with prostitute doesn’t make you a player, your paying them their playing you ” .

6. Celebrities

Ok we always have a gossip or compare celebrities to other people just for a laugh but some people go on and on about it like its their whole life being effected because some random celebrity slept with someone or whatever and people should be more involved. Literally nobody care’s that much about them. Yes they might be on tv and what not but they are also humans to at the end of the day not super heroes. They eat and shit like we do to.

7. GYM

Right i know some people that goes to the GYM nothing wrong with that but some people feel the need to almost imply they are better then you because they go Gym everyday and they are more fitter then you. Lets get this straight, NOT EVERYONE HAS THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO GO GYM. I’m sorry but i have met people who really believe they are better then you because they can go everyday and they are sooooooo fit ( yet still single looooooool) and they feel they need to post regular pics on how much progress they are making and then they make fun of other people who doesn’t have the same body of them.  My advice is keep it to yourself.

8. Bragging about themselves

Some people have their ego wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up their ass. They literally believe they are god or some kind. Really pisses me off and i’m not being mean but when i do met people like this, i like to bring they ass back down to earth. I mean nobody cares how you are so smart or pretty or how many things you have or how people just bend over for you. Bragging about yourself all the time will lead you to no friends even you dog will run away from you. And also i don’t know if these people know this fact but ”NOBODY IS PERFECT SO STFU”

9. Education

Now for looking for a good job in life you need to have a good education, its common sense. But to brag about it to your friends is another story. Some people feel the need to tell their friends constantly about how many GCSEs they got or A levels or what Uni they went or are going to. Personally i don’t care. i’m not a job, i’m not the employer  i’m suppose to be a friend. I don’t look up or down on people with little or high education but when someone constant puts it in my face its like their trying to bring you down and make themselves feel more superior  Sometimes people with high education have no common sense, maybe they should learn that first.

10. Religion

Oh shit i’m talking about a sensitive topic here. Right just to clarify this, i myself am none religious but i have nothing against others that do follow a religion, in fact i support their decision. But unless your in a group where you talk about your religion or church etc, please don’t preach about it to others that follow little or none at all. They don’t give a shit that’s a fact. Unless they say lest talk about it or i wanna know more about bla bla bla, don’t just start preaching and criticizing others about it. Unless they attack you first on the matter or disrespect your religion. Other then that if you respect their choice they will respect you back otherwise they just won’t give a shit and your wasting your time.

There is probably more things people don’t give a shit about, but i’m listing the most common one’s i or others gets told about.


past vs present: dating

An example of one of True's online ads.

An example of one of True’s online ads. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With all the technology we have today we seem to spending less and less time in the outside world and rather go to the easy alternatives when it comes to dating i.e dating sites. Now although it seems a lot of  people who tend to live in the cities or just simply have too much work to deal with have a hard time when it comes to finding a date, so thanks to the internet which can be found anywhere we have one less thing to worry about, but is the internet as helpful  as we think or is the good old fashion way the best way to meet someone???

I myself think there is two ways to see it and of course different things works for different people. I have always found it better to meet people face to face whether is is at work, college, randomly etc but then again i consider myself as a friendly person who finds it easy to talk to others but most people around me tends to be more reserved and shy hence why online dating will be good for them but i having a feeling it will make them more reserved considering the amount of weird people you might come across and that might put you off more then help you to be more expressive and open to talk to someone face to face.

There are a few pros and cons to both online dating and the old fashion method when it comes to meeting people. Again these are my opinions and everyone works different to each option but i will list the most common ones.


  • You can outline your whole personal self and list things you like and dislike making the other person get to know you a bit more before they message you.
  • You can have conversations though messages to get to know each other more before you arrange a date
  • Questioners can help you find your closet match.
  • Location GPS can help you find people around your area
  • Allows you to talk to people more easily if you are shy person
  • Easily list the things you are looking for with that person i.e friends, casual, long term etc
  • Some are free sites


  • People will lie. About 30% or more will have lied once on their profile
  • People will use pictures that are at least 10 or even 20 years different to what they look like now
  • Scamers and fake profiles
  • People being unrealistic on what they are looking for. Note i really don’t think Halley Berry or Brad Pitt will be joining a dating site soon XD
  • People messing about or not too sure or keep changing their minds. Time wasters.
  • People being weird, asking you for sex (unless you actually say on your profile that’s what you want), people wanting a very serious relationship even though you make it clear your not, people getting upset if you don’t reply back straight away thinking your have moved on.
  • People being more reserved when it comes to the outside world so talking less and less.
  • Can be pricey to have full access on the site
  • People using the same pick up lines, gets repetitive after a while especially if you get 50 messages per day saying the same thing.


  • You see them face to face in the flesh!!!! No Photoshopped pics no editing just right there BAM!!!! lol
  • You can read their body language and hear the way they speak
  • If your like me and like to tell jokes then its funnier to say it to the person then type it especially if the joke has an accent loool
  • Your actually speaking to the person face to face and not behind a screen copy and pasting answers from google to sound more intelligent haha


  • They might reject you one the spot but then again that part of life
  • Yes they can lie about themselves but its up to you to read it off their body language
  • If you meet them in a club then 2 things. They might not look as great in the daylight the next day or they just want a beat and delete haha
  • They might want a beat and delete anyways
  • If you don’t have the confidence then it might be tricky

Anyways that’s just my opinion. I know someone who has met a wonderful guy from the internet and now they are together for 3 nearly 3 years 😀 so i guess it just depends the person really. Not being sexist or anything but it seem online dating works better for gays or lesbians. Why you ask?? Well from previous experience i have heard from other people and friends gays and lesbians seem to be more clear on what they want and they never seem to have a problem for meeting people whether its causal, long term etc. Whereas straight people do??? I don’t know why but men and women meeting online seem to have a bit of on and off situation whether is what is the purpose of meeting and always changing their minds etc. Gay and lesbians on the other hand just gets down to business of course sometimes you might come across few who are a bit fussy but not as much as straight people. That’s just my observation anyways.