Is moving easy part 2 ” the angry conclusion”

Right i’m sick and tired about this whole moving thing but i just found out today that they still might be hope but yet far away to come.

As some of you my know i am an expat from UK trying to work and maybe live in Switzerland considering if i moved in Como, Italy and commute everyday. But as we all know from my first blog it seems to be a waste of time to balance the two unless your a millionaire and even if you was they don’t like it because its consider of arrogance. And by the way in case your wondering yes i have been there and no i’m not chatting rubbish.

So to kick off   i’m fuming with the most RIDICULOUS  S**T i have been researching, visited and  i also joined  expat blogs such as, and also the things i have been finding out its like to say you have no chance or a even better way to express this, you have AIDS so you have no chance of living.

I mean i heard of strict countries before but this take the gold in all of them. I’m not trying to bash off the country or criticize them but from what i’m hearing i’d rather take my chances and live in the Amazon.

Ok here is the first and far most a stupid rule, you can’t get a flat unless you have a job and you can’t get a job unless you have residence????? So how do i get a job if i have nowhere to live?? stay in a hotel?? for the price i would pay i can buy house afterwards. How would you get a flat?? you need a job first, yes but to get the job is not easy to unless you live there?? SO HOW THE FUCK I’M I SUPPOSE TO GET ONE OR THE OTHER???

Also again i’m not bashing here of offend anyone but if you really don’t want foreigners to come there because your making it mission in fucking possible then why don’t you just CLOSE THE BOARDER. And don’t pretend your not bias because you are even in Ticino they don’t like Italians or even refereed as Italians yet they speck the damn language. Really in case you guys think i’m making this up i will even quote you some some of the replies i got from the sites i use.

”Sorry to say but I think you have no chance or very small to get job in that field. When you do professional jobs your company will arrange permit. For job as waitress nobody will arrange permit. Cleaning services look for people, too. You have provide them with references. And of course permit, insurances. To start a job you need a place to live and nobody will rent out anything until they see your job contract. So it is a circle. Insurances are expensive, flats, apartments too. Of course you can apply from where you live. Just look up for companies on Internet and sent cv buy again the chances are very very small. As they will hire in a first place local people who live here for those jobs. I am sorry I am not getting back with good news but it is reality. At least you can try. And you never give here any cv by hand. Everything you sent online. I know in UK it is possible to walk in and ask for job and give cv. Here it is very different. You need call make appointment if you want to speak with someone. You must apply online.”

reading this last reply was like getting a letter saying you are now HIV positive good luck with that. oh and i have more quotes and replies to. Which i will put the link  here so you all can read and enjoy.

”The flushing of lavatories is forbidden after ten o’ clock in the evening. People resident in Switzerland must use a chamber pot should they require bodily ease during the night.

Chamber pots are provided by the local Civil Protection Service, but must be kept clean and in full working order by the Swiss residents themselves. Regular, random inspections take place in order to ensure that this takes place, often in the middle of the night. All doors, therefore, must be left unlocked overnight to facilitate entry by the responsible officers.”-

So whats the plan well as of June this year Sardinia will become Tax haven which means lucky for me i didn’t waste all my hard earned cash on such a place i’m put off by and hopefully make things work in Sardinia instead least i can wash my ass in case i have diarrhea at 3am.

English: The town of Como (Italy). Italiano: L...

English: The town of Como (Italy). Italiano: La città di Como. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is moving easy???

Well I came to a discussion about a year ago that i had enough with the UK and decided maybe the

grass is cleaner on the other side or was it……

About august of last year i started working full time and tried to earn as much as i can and spend as

little as i can to make sure i had enough for all the bills, flat, travel, food etc till i manage to find work

overseas. My plan was to move to Italy where i and originally from and work in Switzerland, Mainly

because what i thought at the time is that Italy has cheaper flats to rent and if you live up north it

would take and hour or 2 to travel to Switzerland and also because we all know that Switzerland has

the highest paid jobs in the whole of Europe. so the idea was easy so i thought…….

After managing  to save everything i had, i booked my flight to Milan first stop. After arriving in Milan

of course i was happy and felt at home so i didn’t complain BUT to rent a flat in Milan wasn’t as easy

plusthe main trains to go from Milan to Switzerland would have taken me more then 2 hours mainly

because they always have delays and hardly run on time. this was a problem if i did get a job in

Switzerland as i am in risk of running late everyday and lose my job……

Disappointing as i was not being able to stay in Milan there was a second option, Como. Como is

thenorthest part of Italy and its only 45 mins away from Lugano. Problem is now as much as i love

Italian’s people from Como are not the same. The thing is when you go to rent a flat from them they

already know why you want to live there of course because Como itself doesn’t have many jobs and

you want to work in Lugano to make big bucks, so they feel like they have the right to bump up the

prices even more then Milan and Como is not a big city like Milan. The estate agencies are also a

laugh they say you can rent asap then fail to tell you when you get there ” oh it might be 2 weeks

now and don’t forget the papers ‘ So Como was a miss though it is beautiful because they know

your reason for living there they feel they can what they want to.

Now the big problem was Ticino. Ok yes it is very clean and beautiful BUT to rent a flat there you

need to be a doctor or something lol seriously. Many Italians i have met had problems finding

a place there and its not because of the cost as well its mainly to do with 10000 papers you

need before you even get a chance to apply. Its true that Swiss people would always come first

and i understand but they make it difficult for people to rent a flat even if you already have a

job in Switzerland ( which is most recommended) you will still find it hard.

In conclusion i have to say i would have loved to stay in Milan and even work for 800 euros

per month i would be happy, problem is there is no work and it seems like everywhere is in

the same position. Despite the lifestyle and what not its still comes down to the same thing

NO JOBS not even small paid jobs. I don’t know but i hope things changes in the future and

hope Italy regains itself and once

again be ”la bella vita”Image