Using the term ”Fuck it”

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So the other day i was thinking of the term ”Fuck it”and to me it has a powerful meaning rather then just two simple words put together. To me it means freedom, expressing yourself, being happy and just going for it, having the balls, never holding back, taking chances etc etc. I  myself use this term on everyday situations though for me when i say it i mean it and i think about it before i use it. I want to make sure that i’m using in a way that it will have a full blown impact. Here i’m going to list few things that are 100% winning ways to use the term FUCK IT.



”Should i call him/her or not??” FUCK IT YES.

At the end of the day what do you have to lose??? So what if they don’t pick up sure you might feel like shit but hey they are 8 billion people out there who would pick up there phone or alternately they might be busy and call back later. So don’t hesitate.

”Should i tell him/her how i feel??” FUCK IT YES

Listen if people could read minds it will make life a helluva lot easier, but we can’t. So rather then keep it to yourself just say it. I mean for a start you will feel better for getting it out of your chest and two even if the person doesn’t give you the same respond at least you now know and you can decide from there what to do.

” Should i eat a doughnut or will it  go straight to my hips??” FUCK IT I’M HUNGRY!!

You hungry, you eat end of story. People don’t like you for that well fuck them to 🙂

” Should i get it in blue or in red??” FUCK IT GET BOTH

Hey you might like good in both colors 😉

**Friend calls during the evening**  ”Hey you come out tonight, i know its random” **you**  Hmmmmm wellll FUCK YEAH OK”

Honestly i can say from  past experiences that random nights are always better then planned ones. You never know who or what will happen and because its so random its much more fun.

” You want fries with that??” FUCK IT YEAH WHY NOT

You can’t have a burger or a steak or whatever your eating without fries can you.

” Should i watch porn??” FUCK IT I GOTTA BUST MY NUTS

I mean we are all humans at the end of the day. Its like when you need to pee you ain’t gonna hold it in are you???

” Wow this dress is over $400, should i still get it??” FUCK IT. YEAH.

If you look and feel good in it then why not, you might not ever get a chance to own something as badass as that dress again.

” Should i dye my hair” FUCK IT

If you think you would look good in red hair or you just want to be a rebel then go for it, if others thinks it’s ugly then screw them.


” Should i eat at this restaurant, but i’m all alone?? FUCK IT I WANNA EAT SOME LOBSTER

If your feeling for something quite sophisticated in a high end place but your worried because you don’t want to be seen alone FUCK IT. At the end of the day you are hungry and your stomach is telling you it wants food, it doesn’t care about what people are thinking and you should’t to because you want some lobster not making new best friends.

”Should i apply for this job??” FUCK IT YEAH

I mean if you don’t apply you never know. Funny most people get the job by accident usually they never think they would be working where they are but hey, if they didn’t apply they would never be where they are now. So what if you get turned down at least for one you tried and two if they give you feedback on why you didn’t get it then use their feedback as a positive guide to improve next time.


At the end of the day you are who you are and that’s that. Nobody can change you or decide for you, only yourself can do that. If you feel that what you want to do is going to make you happy then do it and fuck all the haters out there. Because at the end of the day if they can’t accept you then clearly they are not meant to be in your life and they should just move on rather then hate. You only live once not twice or nine times so make the most of yourself whatever time you have on earth but remember please be responsible ending up in jail or even worse death is not how you want to end your life. You want to be happy  till the very end and till then ”FUCK IT”


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