Top 10 stereotypical things we hear at least more then once

Well today i choose to talk about ” stereotypes” but the really really common ones you hear sooooooo much that you want to punch someone in the face if they dare to ask you and some of them are in fact myths or they are true but not as used or said on a daily bases. Now some of the stereotypes are rude, insulting and very very narrow minded facts, so don’t take offence on my list, it’s not me who says them its what society says in general.



1. All black people loves eating  chicken ONLY

Well we all do really it’s not just black people, to be honest i don’t even know where this fact came from. It’s like to say black people don’t eat anything else but chicken, which we all no its not true. I mean Asian people eat chicken, S.Americans eat chicken basically the whole world does. Oh and by the way some black people are vegetarians or vegans so i guess the stereotype doesn’t apply there.


2. All Italians say Ma ma mia

No they don’t, hardly anyways. My father is Italian and i never heard him say it in all my life, i met my family from my fathers side and again rarely heard it. Been Italy and they don’t use that phrase. They do say Va fan culo a lot that i can say is true. But Ma ma mia no -_-


3. Everyone in  Holland smokes weed

This fact is by true as in yes it is legal to smoke it but some assume all Hollanders smoke week. Some don’t eve smoke a normal cigarette never mind weed. But i hear a lot of people say things like ” they only reason why people is so happy is because of the weed”. No that’s not 100% true they are also happy because they have a good education system, its recorded to be in the top 10 places to safely raise a child, they have good medical system  they have good food, they are very expressive. So its not the week that makes them happy only.


4. All men do is think about sex

I mean i guess we all do really both male and female, its part of human nature. But its not true that men think about it every second of the day. Some women think about it more then men. I mean think about it in a whole day we have to go to work, solve our problems, meeting friends, going here and there. So your mind is already filled up with things to do or sort out. Maybe at then end of the day when your relaxing sex might pop into your head but not every single time. Unless your diagnosis with being a sex addict.


5. All gays are promiscuous

I really find this statement so narrow minded. What about straight people can’t they be promiscuous to????  Whether you are straight, bi, gay, transgender whatever you are there will always be promiscuous and very hard to get type of people. Its about the individual itself not the sexuality you are.


6. All women are  housewives

Some women can actually do a mans job better then a man himself. Not all women are good cooks either some are really really shit at it. Not all women just clean the house all day, it is not the 1500s anymore its 2013. We are all on a more or less equal level now. I see some women work in mechanics, building construction basically anything that is usually a mans job. Saying the women should be at home cooking and cleaning as a serious statement is very sexist.


7. All Muslims are terrorists

This is the most bias,insulting, degrading thing you can say. I don’t even know how this even escalated to this point (probably the media) .  But its not the religion that’s are terrorists, murders etc its the individual person him/herself. So rather then judge and accuses  by a whole why not just deal with it as a individual person. This whole terror thing has nothing to do with Muslims or any other religion whatsoever. Terrorists can be from anywhere or any background not from a religion which are based in peace and love.


8. All Asian people know martial arts

I think the reason why this statement is such a stereotypical thing to think is mainly because what you see in movies. Nearly all moves that have martial arts are always played but Asian people. But note that not all Asian people do marital arts. They might practice some form or martial arts in school as part of a sport but don’t expect all Asian people are like Bruce Lee.


9.  All Italians are in the Mafia

I know again we see this in films as such but trust me whenever someone say to my father ” are you in the Mob” he might laugh few times but after a while he looks really annoyed. I can understand why to. I mean people would ask me if my father is in the mafia and after a while that common joke just becomes really boring and annoying. I will tell you one thing tho, the mafia doesn’t advertise themselves in a billboard or something or tattoo on their forehead  ” i am a mafia please join here” They the very very secretive and they do blend in well with the crowd so you can’t really tell who is who and they won’t tell you either.


10. All black people are criminals

This one doesn’t not and should not just apply to one race. Everyone whether you are black, white, Asian etc can be criminals if they want to and some are in each race category.  And again i think that if your hungry and have no money, no food, no prospects no way out basically then anyone regardless of race would steal or try something to make ends meet. I think that still today black people are being neglected in society and even so not  directly but indirectly not given the same chances of other would. Now i know its 2013 and not the 1950s but still it happens like i said not direct but indirect. So if you limit their chances to get somewhere in life then of course they won’t have equal things then others and they will struggle and the will have no choice but to steal. Then again like i said its not a one race thing, anyone can become a criminal.





Are you sure???

English: Tanned arm

English: Tanned arm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well this probably happen to most people before and i find it extremely annoying i could punch someone in the face. BUT i hate telling people where i am from and get looked at is if i was alien or god knows then on top of the i get questioned like im in court or something. Here’s story.

I am mix race ( Italian and Iranian), I have tanned skin and hazel eyes etc etc. People always ask where i am from or PRESUME im Asian. Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against them its just well  that fact that you think all tanned skin people are Asian really says a lot about your education. lets get this straight and clear NOT ALL TANNED PEOPLE ARE FROM ASIA NOR ARE ALL BLACK PEOPLE FROM AFRICA.

To make things even more retarded people would often say after i tell them where i am from this stupid question

” Are you sure” ???????? You fucking kidding me now -_- that’s like saying to a black Brazilian:

” are you sure you not from Africa???? i swear all black people must be from Africa, its not possible they are others”

See how STUPID this comment is and trust me i heard this question before. Another things i hear which is also retarded is this

” i swear Italian and Iranians are all white you are tanned” -_-  * shot me now pleeeeeeeeeeeease*

Look FYI some are white and some are tanned, all the south Italians and Iranians would be more tanned because they get more SUN and yes sun = tan AND both my parents comes from the south so yhhhhhh can’t help it there can i lol Plus what about Brazilians, some are white and some are dark. Same with S.America, Asian, middle east etc

The main point is if you don’t know where a person is from DON”T JUST GUESS BY LOOKING AT THE SKIN COLOR THAT’S STEREOTYPING AND YOU WILL LOOK LIKE A RETARD, Just ask politely and when they tell you.