Evolution of communication

There are so many ways to get in contact with people today and its just so easy nowadays that it makes it hard to just vanish out of thin air  when you want to loooool. I’m going to make a evolution of communication timeline (sort of) of how  social networking has evolved and how we stay in contact with them. Bare in mind i don’t remember everything only going to list the things i do remember lol. Of course we all know that the internet is top dog but even today we still more or less use the same methods as people did 50 years ago  when it comes to communicating with someone, though the methods of the past has either upgraded, business use mainly or some people just like staying old fashion


social_networking_evolution Timeline_of_popular

So these are the top dog ways aka the internet, but as you can see even some of the old social networking sites has changed since the internet first become popular. It has expanded to a wider range and even some of the sites has be claimed to be old school e.g Bebo and MSN


download (12) download (9)

Pretty much back in the 90s cell phones started to become more and more popular and was very useful to us all to get in contact with someone when we needed to, then of course came the texting . Everyone (nearly) owns a cell phone, of course we can do so much more with it then just calling and texting and even texting has become a thing of the past thanks to Whatsapp, BBM, imessage and many other free apps we can have to communicate.


download (14)

Pretty much similar to the 90s but during the 80s when cell phones were brought out to this world not only was it super huge but also very expensive, so not many people had them. Most people would still use some of the other methods listed below before the cell phones existed.   However today millions and millions of people has one.


download (15) download (16) download (17) images (6)

Home phones were top choice, and has been around for very long time up until now and because we didn’t have any device to save any number or address we’d use a little book or in case we forgot it we can always resort to the classic napkins. But if you had to message someone how lives far away then sending letters was another option in case you didn’t have their number to call. Still today we still send letters though it more for business i.e sending contracts and what not or when we need to send a  large parcel. Home telephones again something we have today as well but again not many people use it due to having cheap contracts and great deals on a cell phone or just use the internet. Some people still use contact books however we now save our contacts into one place.


download (21) download (23) download (20) download (19)

So more or less these are other things some people would use to get in touch with someone. Faxing was around in those times and still is today, messenger boy use to deliver letters by bicycle or deliver by foot although today we call the mail men lol. Telegraphs  i don’t think anybody uses that and as for pigeons we can say for sure nobody uses them haha.


download (22)

It was all just a coincidence. before we had ways the methods to communicate with someone  it was  just luck. And still even today its like that believe it or not. Its not all the time we get to stay in touch with someone we used to know even with all the technology and all the devices. Sometimes its just a coincidence :P.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, if you feel like i missed anything out or you had your own ways of staying in touch with someone please comment below.  I myself have probably forgotten a few things then again it is 9.30am so go easy on me. Till then bye 🙂

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