Is journalism right for me??? what should i consider by Tony Rogers

Hey its been a while since we’ve promoted anything here on CutThroatLines BUT in the past  few weeks it has been quite hectic, lucky for us things has cooled down  now and we can  get cracking on again on what we do here. Which is PROMOTING.

Today we’re going to be promoting the tips and ways on becoming a journalist. Now although we mainly focus on music and filming we thought that journalism has a very important role in the media industry, which is why thanks to Tony Rogers he has his own sites where he shares some of his past experience as well as advice for those who wish to enter this field. AA040013

Like many other people who go on to have a career in journalism, author of ‘News writing on Deadline’ Tony Rogers started his journalistic stint writing film reviews for his school newspaper, eventually gaining more than 25 years experience in the industry as a reporter, editor and journalism professor.

Some of his blogs he’s written are ”how to prepare for a journalism career”, ”choose the journalism school that’s right for you”, Why to get a journalism internship”, ”finding stories to cover” and many more.

Check out his expert advice form and if your still not sure check out his main website.

Hope this helps guys till next time……. p.s we’d like to thank Yasmin Jensen for helping us write this blog and we hope she will continue to keep writing for us 🙂

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