How to avoid bitches and asshole before or during dating

Hi there, well i was thinking the other day about the recent posts i made about dating and the do’s and don’ts about it as well as giving advice and tips about what to say during a date and how to choose a good dating site for you. There are still so many other things i would like to talk about regarding dating and this topic is about people you should avoid, how to spot them whether its online or face to face and how to make the make sure you don’t get trapped into a situation which you may regret later. Of course each to their own some people want different things but most wouldn’t want these types of people or to be treated in a ill manor way. download 11



I need money  : Right most people in life struggle one way or another and it can be based on many things, but if your on a dating site or you just met a woman in the bar and she starts talking about the difficulties she has financially be aware!!!!. Of course she might might be talking about it in general without implying anything but some of women would us a typical sob story such as

”my parent is sick” , ”family member is unwell or dying”, ”i can’t afford the medication”, ”i can’t pay my rent and will be kicked out in the streets” or for the online site ” i need you so send me money so i can come and see you” .

These are and i’m sure 99% scams. There are women who do this for a living, meeting men making them feel sorry so they would give money, promise to pay them back and then they vanish without a trace and since they won’t use their real name or anything it will be hard for the police even to track them down. Also some girls works on behalf of other people who may be hackers, so if you send money to her via wire or bank  transfer these people will try to find a way to hack into your account.

I am materialistic : We all love to be treated once in a while and we enjoy some luxury time to time. But some women will literally mention their love for material over and over and they will hint it clearly. These women are also known as gold diggers or wanna be gold diggers.  They might say things such as ” my ex use to buy me at least one pair of expensive earrings once a week” or ” my ex use to drive a Ferrari and would let me drive it all the time” , ” my ex use to have a huge mansion”. Now i don’t know about you guys but if i was a man and went on a date with someone like that i would be put off. Its clear she is more interested in your bank account then you.  I mean you might mention one or two things regarding your previous partners but some just can’t help but to make it clear that they only want one thing.

I am clingy : i don’t think i have to explain much about this but how to spot one is very easy. Of course from the constant phone calls asking why you haven’t called back or the constant times she’s checking your facebook. Though remember some women will use the ” do you still like me??” nearly every time you don’t reply or call back straight away. The reason to avoid well because it will drive you mad  eventually. Despite how nice or beautiful she is, if she doesn’t give you space to breath or even acknowledge the fact that you might be busy then its better to avoid.

I am the only girl. When i say this i mean as in ‘‘ i am the only girl you should talk to, not other girls who are friends”. Now i can understand the not flirting with other girls part but not the ones that are his friends??? It would be like you telling her to stop all contacts with her guy friends despite the fact that they grew up together. Avoid these types of women its a bit more then insecure its more like control and possessive.



I am the best: This is to referring to egos -_-. i don’t even know where to start haha. But if you meet a guy and he starts to talk about himself like he is god given, the chances are that he is not. Avoid these men because eventually you will become sick of his bullshits and it will put you off. Also most of the time their only saying these high and dramatic just to impress you to get in your pants and nothing further.

I am a bum: Yeah i’m sorry but don’t go for men who are lazy bums or has not prospect what so ever. He will eventually rely on you and by then by the end of it you will be more like  a mother to him rather then a girl friend. I’m not saying he has to be a banker or a lawyer but he at least must have some sort of job he can support himself. Help and advice is good but don’t end up making yourself work 24/7 just to support both you and him.

I am alpha male: When i say this i mean like if you meet a guy and he’s still living the 1500s where you have to cook and clean and have no other prospects because he sees you as inferior being. It’s 2013 and i think that we are all equal regardless to gender. A man that treats you like a inferior is a big no no.

I like to get around : Now this one is referring to men who has slept around. This can either be true or it can be a lie to to impress. However i don’t know why a man would think its cool to tell a woman he has slept with over 100 people -_- . True or not avoid unless you just want a casual thing then fine. But remember this some guys will use the fact they have been with so many women to make you feel bad. Not because you didn’t do as much as him but they will say on the sly something like ” oh your not making as much effort, you know how many other i women i can get” or ” All the women i have been with were always hot, you seem to be letting yourself go” I’m not even joking some men will say things like this just to hurt you. So true or not just avoid this big drama.

I am possessive:  Not of course maybe in the beginning you wouldn’t see this but if a guy keeps calling you all the time, texing, facebooking you 100 times per day, then you know this is not a good sign. They will say things like ” where are you”, why your not picking up” who are you with” these questions are normal of course but being asked the same question 100 times per day can be a bit too much. They will even use line ” if you don’t pick up or respond in 10 mins i’m breaking up with you”. These are just words to control you. don’t put up with people who feels the need to treat you like a property rather then a human.

So there you go my theory on people to avoid during or even meeting a person i will just sum up the main things to avoid in both genders

  • Clingy
  • Possessiveness
  • Ego
  • Materialistic
  • Lazy
  • Selfish
  • Controlling
  • Sob stories/self pity
  • Sleazy
  • Trust issue
  • Superior

Anyways i should be sure to be writing more regarding to dating and types of  people 🙂






Men VS Women. Who has it better??

I’m sure we always hear this ‘ who does it better’ or ‘ who does more’  in general. There always seems to be a competition between the two genders and i’m sure we can argue days on ends about this topic and never coming to any sort of conclusion. I myself am going to list some of the things we are both good and bad at rather then most people favor one over the other one as we see in most discussion and really when you think about it both genders and good and bad in some way. No gender is to say more superior then the other. I’m not just going to discuss about society in general i’m going to list  the physical and mental that each fail or achieve the best.Men-vs.-Women-cartoon1



PRO MEN :  They don’t have to worry about hair or doing their make-up. Yes lucky them they don’t have to really do much with themselves as suppose to women. All they need to do really is have a bath, clean shave, hair trim from time to time and just put on anything. whereas women have to spend quite some time to maintain themselves.

PRO MEN:  They can sleep with as many people and never get punish for it. I don’t get how if a man sleeps with 50 people everyone calls him a player and they all cock high five each other lol. A woman sleeps with 50 men and she is a slut, whore etc. Put it this way some women don’t want to have a serious relationship same like some men. Some women just want to have fun without attachments. Although we can see it that way unfortunately thanks to society men can get away with their sleepers stories. In fact men when asked how many people they slept with will always higher their number whereas woman tend to lower their number.

PRO WOMEN:  Men tend to be more lazy then girls. Now i’m not saying all men are lazy but most are. Men tend to get more comfortable with situations, relationships, work etc whereas women seems to always want to do something or achieve higher goals.  I notice pregnant women tend to have a lot more energy and like to keep very active. Women are just more driven to achievement, keeping active and making more effort.

PRO MEN : Men can travel around a lot more easy then women. Well is this more or less true. A guy can travel around and not seem to worry about where he will sleep, he can sleep anywhere. Whereas women tend to need to take extra care when traveling. Not saying nothing can’t happen to man to but its less chance then a woman lets just say. Also men have not much to worry about when they are moving overseas to like i said they can go and sleep anywhere share a flat with 10 people they don’t know, but don’t get me wrong some women do the same to but  most girls would prefer a nice secure place of their own or at least know the person first for a while before they can trust.

NEUTRAL:  Men ain’t that picky. haha not saying they will go for anything and some men are picky but not the same way as women. Women tend to look at every detail when dating a man and in a way they are right especially if they want someone stable. whereas a man just looks on the outside first and even if your not really his type he would more or less still do a woman despite even if they have nothing in common.

CON MEN:  Erection dysfunction. Well sorry to say but women never have to worry about getting anything up or worry about getting kicked in the balls. Men on the other hand do tend to worry because erection dysfunction can really happen at any age.

CON WOMEN:  Women has periods. Well it is a natural part of life and nothing much we can really do to help it. But it can be very VERY annoying to control it sometimes.

NEUTRAL :  Menopause and mid life crises. Both men and women will experience this, again natural part of life we can’t help

PRO MEN :  Men are good at saving money. Well some women can save to but its an estimate that 1/3 of men make more money then women and 24% of women spend more then men who makes more then them

PRO WOMEN:  Women produces life!!!!. Yes without women the reproduction  will end.

PRO/CON WOMEN :  Women can get laid easier. Well its a catch 22 here. Yes women can get laid fast if she wants to BUT that doesn’t mean he’s a keeper or worth it.

PRO WOMEN : Women can get into places or receive items for free. Well yes most clubs will allow girls in for free and men have to pay same as girls can get a free coffee or cake or whatever if the guy behind the counter finds her cute.

NEUTRAL : Both men and women can suffer for self image. Yes even though we usually see women complaining about their looks or weight, men can and usually suffer from the same thing to, it’s just not mention as much.

CON WOMEN:  Women take too long. Its a fact the women will spend 3 hours and 19 mins per week doing themselves up and an estimate 474 days in their whole lives getting ready. Men will spend half the time if not less.

PRO WOMEN:  Women seem to live longer then men by an estimate of 5 years more.

In conclusion i think we both fail and achieve things more or less on way or another but at the end of the day we are all humans and we should respect one to another despite being male or female. 🙂