Who is who part 1 CutThroatLines

Right so about 2 days ago i made a post about links that people was asking me about but i think i should probably give a brief description of each one and also i have been given new links.


Just so you just know Mimitaboo and CutThroatLines are the same person lol in case some of you who are following me were wondering. CutThroatLines itself focuses on promoting new up coming artists. This can be from music, filming, modeling, creative writing, plays, theater, arts etc etc.  At the moment i am currently helping and working with LNDs and Moses Ssebandeke, however i am more them happy to promote other new acts which is why i have added a contact form.

Of course still being mimitaboo i will still occasionally write my own personal blogs as well as promote others. At this current stage CutThroats is still very fresh but i hope over time it will expand and hope to work with great people.

How does it work??

Well  like what  the LNDs and Moses Ssebandeke has done, they have sent me their work via email etc and i broadcast their work on blogs, youtube, instagram, buzzfeed as well as using trigger sites to broadcast and promote them to 20 different sites at once. Of course i would need their full permission to broadcast their work.

I also use to get people asking me to make blog collaborations, which i am still happy to do so since like i mentioned before i will still be writing my own stuff.

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Been awhile….. but here are some alternative links some of you guys been asking

anonymousdudeHey guys!!!!! its been a while since i posted anything apart from yesterday which btw sorry for those who have been spammed with my messages seems like my trigger link was acting crazy???!!!! But anyways i have a few links now you guys maybe interested to follow, i will list them below. Some of you might ask why i changed my name??? Well i have now started acting out as a promoter for the arts and music which some of you guys might have read yesterday. I will still be writing about the usual things i use to write about since this is my main blog site i use for everything. Of course now its going to be a mash up with my personal thoughts and getting talented people out there. So here are a few links and keep posted for further news and updates 🙂 P.S some of the links are my own and some are few up and coming artists which you may be interested in and if so FOLLOW THEM!!!!

** if you would like to be part of the CutThroatLines please email me on trackz49@hotmail.com with your links and stories and i shall put them up**

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So its been a while i know but lately i came across this thing called thinspo and por ana on the internet and youtube. Now what is thinspo and pro ana, well thinspo is basically  thin+inspire or more to the point one step closer to being anorexic though this people claim it is not being anorexic but giving the weight they want to reach and the way the promote it, it might as well be called anorexic and pro ana is hardcore anorexia.


Now i know i made a post long time ago called ”confidence vs media”  and it was basically about being  really skinny is the new sexy (not). But when i came across this thinspo and pro ana i thought my point was taken in terms of the subject of being really skinny might not be as much talked about like before when we use to hear about it on the news or see it on magazines but it is still widely promoted in the internet targeting towards young girls. And it seems like they just re-brand the meaning to make it seem more acceptable. or promoting it as a fashion rather then a health issue.

I will post some of the disturbing links i found basically telling people how to get this sort of figure and ways to accomplish this. To me its a health problem no doubt about it, i mean i don’t think this is a fashion or a tend. Being a hipster is a trend, being a punk is a fashion style, being vintage is a trend but being thinspo or pro ana  is not a fashion or a trend they just say it so they we don’t bitch about it.

I mean you could say thinspo is not as bad as pro ana, but its still one step closer. I think that if you know you can lose so much weight then whats stopping you from going even further. Don’t get me wrong i suppose some girls might just become thin and then be happy with themselves but how often does that happen. Its like once you start taking a certain drug whats stopping you to take it even further, especially if that drug use to make you feel great but not anymore.  And really most of these girls were already slim or curvy even and they looked fine, at least healthy.

To me there is nothing wrong with losing weight here and there, i can understand some people might feel self conscious about themselves but thinspo and pro ana is taking to to the next level where you literally end up with a flat cheast and butt as well as chicken legs which to me is very unappealing. I don’t even know what makes these people think its sexy in anyway.

Now some of these people that does the thinspo diet don’t end up so bad compare to others or some are just naturally skinny, but even naturally skinny  people still has a bit of meat on them. I to am slim petite build and i eat a lot, and believe it or not i want to become more fuller, not saying i don’t have meat because i do but  imo think fuller looks better on a woman as suppose to a teenager boyish figure.  In some of the links i will post below i have to say that not all of them are bad, but most i think looks really ugly. I’m going to be blunt here but flat butt for me is a no no and really skinny legs is again another put off, ribs showing is the worse. I mean i can’t help but to eat even more when i see these images because my fear is looking like a skeleton.


I think that its still a major issue just not as direct but indirect or just covered up really until you find it. Oh and btw you can’t be that thin and when i say thin i mean THIN and have big boobs unless they photo-shop the images or have breast implants so don’t go telling me ” yeah they are thin but they still have breasts” NO its fake most likely trust me, you can’t lose that amount of weight and keep the breasts or make the food only go to one part of your body.

Thinspo and pro ana are still very serious and it’s sad to see that people still strive to be that thin. I have nothing against naturally skinny people by the way because of course its something you can’t help but i am not for the ones that wants to look beyond skinny.

Links to the sites below if you want to see images or even read some of their tips they give out