Who have we promoted so far……

With nearly 4K hits on our site this past month and rising we are very happy to say that this month has been a blessing for us and we’d like to thank everyone for getting involved, but it isn’t going to stop there…………….. promotions

We at CutThroatLines have been expanding our promotional range from music and filming to  journalism modeling and behind the scenes roles and we hope to keep growing more in the future. We are also in the process of promoting  live events and even  doing interviews with some of our acts and writers.

Following acts and writers we have promoted so far are

LNDs : Rap/Music/Lyric writers 


Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLNDs

Moses Ssebandeke : Director/Comedy/ Actor/Filming 

Twitter : https://twitter.com/MO22IEMUTANT

Website : http://mozziemozzie.wix.com/moses-ssebandeke

Tony Rogers : Journalist/Writer 

Websites :http://journalism.about.com/od/journalismsbest/u/CareerAdvancement.htm


Even Luzi : Writer/Filming/camera assistance 

Websites:  http://www.theblackandblue.com/about#evan


Heather McDonald: Music industry/Promotion/Music records

Websites:  http://musicians.about.com/od/otherindustrycareers/bb/choosemusicjob2.htm


Danny Indio / Danny Jiminian : Producer/Director/ Writer/Editor and Consultant

Website: http://www.filmstrategy.com/2013/08/production-tips-10-ways-directors-must.html

Laryssa: Traveling/Freelance filming 

Website: http://needlegirlhaystackworld.com/ask-a-producer-do-i-need-a-film-degree-to-get-a-job-in-the-film-industry/

Pipe dog : UK Rapper

Twitter : twitter@pipedog

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/pipedoguk

Website : http://djtrbeats.co.uk/downloads/rd.php

Don Verano : DJ mixer 

Website: http://www.donverano.nl/pages/music.jsp

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/don-verano/turn-on-the-music

Country God Bitch: Rapper/Writer/Producer

Twitter : @9Gotti

Website : http://www.reverbnation.com/9gotti

Chase : Rapper/Writer 

Twitter : @ChaseTheChasa

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/chase101

Karma : Rapper/Writer/Producer/Director/Pacific Ocean Records

Twitter: https://twitter.com/760KARMA


Website: http://pacificoceanrecords.com/

Pickled Ginger : Blogger 

Website : http://www.thepickledginger.com/content/work-home-voice-actor

Twitter : twitter@PickledGinger75

With all these amazing writers and acts we have promoted so far we can’t wait to see what November has to offer to us!!!. If you yourself would like to get involved and be seen globally whether its singing, writing, acting, comedy, modeling whatever please get in contact with us and follow us on Twitter twitter.com/CutThroatLines


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7 unrealistic expectations of film industry jobs by Evan Luzi

Hey guys,

Another interesting blog site I found the other day by a man called Evan Luzi. He is currently posting his own views and personal experience on a site called theblackandblue.com ( I will add the link). His posts may interest for those who are wanting to get into the filming industry particularly the camera assistance side.

The particular blog I’m posting is the ”7 unrealistic expectations of the film industry jobs”, he does have more similar types of forms on his site but I thought this one in particular was very honest and realistic and can help you guys to understand that somethings are not as easy as they look or seem BUT you shouldn’t get put off by it and give up. Instead by realizing the ups and down falls of the industry it can help you to understand more about it and be prepared just in case.


ABOUT EVEN LUZI Slate-600x362

Quick summary about Evan Luzi of course if you want to find out more I will add the link below. Luzi is the founder of The Black and Blue which is basically a site which provides tips and advice on being a camera assistance. Evan Luzi himself has been working in the camera  assistance industry for a long time. So for those wishing to know the ropes of this sector I’d recommend reading his stuff :D.

He has also written other topics such as ” 20 rules you should never break on set”, ” how to use a camera you never used before” and advice on freelancing.


You can connect with him on Twitter (@evanluzi) or on Google Plus (+Evan Luzi).


LINKS :  7 unrealistic expectations of film industry jobs : http://www.theblackandblue.com/2011/07/08/film-career-expectations/

ABOUT EVAN LUZI: http://www.theblackandblue.com/about#evan

THE MAIN WEBSITE : http://www.theblackandblue.com/blog/



Do you need a degree to work in the filming industry????

Hey guys

So the other day I stumbled across a blog  i randomly found on twitter about working within the filming industry. The blog site is called ”Needle girl, haystack world”. The blog is written by a young female called Laryssa, who loves traveling and a working freelance in the filming industry. Her main blog posts focuses on traveling and filming.download (4)

Her travel blogs are based on her experiences, observations, points of views as well as give tips and advice while traveling. I myself find them quite entertaining to read as some of the things i read was quite surprised by ( in a good way ).

Her filming blogs are based on her own experience within the fields as well as giving tips and advice to those who wish to break into the industry and also tips on gears and locations.

I will post the link below and if you wish to follow Laryssa all her links and info are on the website itself.



  Peter piper (UK)



TWITTER: twitter@pipedog


WEBSITE: http://djtrbeats.co.uk/downloads/rd.php

Don Verano (NL)



WEBSITE: http://www.donverano.nl/pages/music.jsp

 SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/don-verano/turn-on-the-music


Country God Bitch (US)



TWITTER : @9Gotti

WEBSITE : http://www.reverbnation.com/9gotti


Chase (US)



TWITTER : @ChaseTheChasa

SOUNDCLOUD:  https://soundcloud.com/chase101

Who is who part 2 (Moses Ssebandeke)

I have known Moses for 5-6 years now.  I first met him at a place called YCTV and it was a filming school charity based. It was a place were young people from the age of 14-25 years old use to come and pitch their own projects they would like to do as well as being taught how to film, using Camera and taking part in projects e.g short films or magazine shows. Unfortunately it closed down from 2009 March. However Moses still persuaded his dream into becoming a directer. me

He has since them directed Music videos, one in particular the LNDs, worked for Live Magazine, have been on radio 1 extra as part of a apprentice and is currently doing a internship with the BBC which he will work in different fields within the BBC. Moses has also done some of his own music, writing his own films as well ad taking part in play and poetry slams. I think he is one of the people i know that has done so much since the time i have known him and i am happy to this day to still know him and now working with him in future projects.

If you would like to know more about Moses and his works please check out some of the links below where you can find all the information you need to know about him and some of his amazing work he have produced.




YOUTUBE: MOSES: moses ssebandeke

WEBSITE : http://mozziemozzie.wix.com/moses-ssebandeke

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/mozziemuzik


Been awhile….. but here are some alternative links some of you guys been asking

anonymousdudeHey guys!!!!! its been a while since i posted anything apart from yesterday which btw sorry for those who have been spammed with my messages seems like my trigger link was acting crazy???!!!! But anyways i have a few links now you guys maybe interested to follow, i will list them below. Some of you might ask why i changed my name??? Well i have now started acting out as a promoter for the arts and music which some of you guys might have read yesterday. I will still be writing about the usual things i use to write about since this is my main blog site i use for everything. Of course now its going to be a mash up with my personal thoughts and getting talented people out there. So here are a few links and keep posted for further news and updates 🙂 P.S some of the links are my own and some are few up and coming artists which you may be interested in and if so FOLLOW THEM!!!!

** if you would like to be part of the CutThroatLines please email me on trackz49@hotmail.com with your links and stories and i shall put them up**

TWITTER MY OWN : https://twitter.com/CutThroatLines


TUMBLR MY OWN : http://my-cutthroatlines.tumblr.com/


INSTA  MOSES SSEBANDEKE : mozzie_ssebandeke


YOUTUBE: MOSES: moses ssebandeke


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