Do you need a degree to work in the filming industry????

Hey guys

So the other day I stumbled across a blog  i randomly found on twitter about working within the filming industry. The blog site is called ”Needle girl, haystack world”. The blog is written by a young female called Laryssa, who loves traveling and a working freelance in the filming industry. Her main blog posts focuses on traveling and (4)

Her travel blogs are based on her experiences, observations, points of views as well as give tips and advice while traveling. I myself find them quite entertaining to read as some of the things i read was quite surprised by ( in a good way ).

Her filming blogs are based on her own experience within the fields as well as giving tips and advice to those who wish to break into the industry and also tips on gears and locations.

I will post the link below and if you wish to follow Laryssa all her links and info are on the website itself.


Hey guys!!!

Doing a quick poll for the new song ” i don’t know” by the LNDs. Let me know what you guys think, if you think someone else will like this song please share it and get them to vote to!!!! Of course if you have something else you would like to mention about the song or video even please feel free to comment below .  It will only take 2 mins and i have linked the video below in case some of you may not have seen my recent post Looking forward to hearing back from you guys. IMG_0717[1]