Is the music industry right for me?? From Heather McDonald

Hey guys.

I found this interesting blog post by a woman called Heather McDonald ( no I’m not talking about the actress lol )  who has written blogs and shares her experience within the music industry. For those who are wondering Heather McDonald has been working within the music industry since her teenage years. She has worked in many different aspects of the industry such as promotion, music tours, independent record labels etc. She has many many years of experience so it would be highly recommended to take notes!!!

On her blog sites she give many detailed tips and advice about working in the industry as well as giving pros and cons for each job sector. From what i have been reading so far they are a lot of key information which even i didn’t know or realize how important they were. She also talks about ”how to guide’‘ when starting a band, record, booking etc as well as advice on contracts and copyrights, music career guides and industry jobs. images (2)

I think this blog is well worth checking out especially for those who wish to break it into the industry and have a big passion for music itself. There is also a FAQ section and you can also email her to if you have any other questions you would like to know 

Below i will add the link below:





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