DBZ Battle Of Gods review ** SPOILERS**

Ok so about 2 or 3 days ago someone gave me the link to watch the new DBZ Battle of Gods film which came out in Japan in 2013. Now bare in mind it’s been ages since they last made a film and to be honest I was pretty excited when it came out and couldn’t wait to watch it even if it took 2 years before they release it in English Dubs not to mention the updated graphics making the fight scenes more exciting. 444444

Now when I received the link and it wasn’t one of those spam links or the one’s where you have to sign endless surveys knowing that it’s all bull crap your never gonna see it. So when I got the real deal I literally had my phone on silent because I didn’t want to be disturbed in any way while watching the new film which I have been waiting to see since it was previewed in Japan.

After watching the film I have to say I was slightly disappointed. I actually felt let down. Due to watching the trailers and hearing people hyping it up all the time, I actually thought ” well it was good but not great :/’‘. Few errors with the film I think and especially the story line let me down. It was ok but it wasn’t something I thought ”wow i can’t wait till this film is dubbed and I’ll watch it again”.

The first thing that i didn’t like was the story line itself. It was as if it wasn’t a movie but like an OVA or special episode kinda like the previous film ” Yo son goku and friends return”. I dunno why but it just did. I think the way they met Bills and had their encounter could have been told slightly different. I just think Bills showing up at a party and Goku wanting to fight Bills because he was amazing was really like meh……..  yeah i know Goku also fought Bills to prevent him from destroying earth so like a  hero vs villain theme but I didn’t get that feeling. 

Vegeta not turning super saiyan 3  was also another issue I had, mainly (and this is why I don’t consider GT as part of the story) is because he was able to do 4  in GT ( even though he couldn’t naturally become one) but also I’m surprised knowing him you’d think he would have  trained endlessly to become one mainly because he has always wanted to become stronger than Goku right??  It was even stated in the film that when Bulma got slapped in the face by Bills and Vegeta got angry he even became at one point stronger than Goku, hence why I don’t know why he didn’t become super saiyan 3??

Another thing is Bra or Bulla  (however you want to call her). I always thought she was older than Pan yet she wasn’t in the film. Yes I know she was in GT and many of you will say GT isn’t canon. BUT remember she was also in the last few episodes of DBZ so she was canon yet she wan’t in the film, not that I was bothered too much its just I always thought she was older than Pan. 

Apart from that I mean the fight scenes were great and I really liked Bills and Wiss and of course the graphics were awesome to. Other than that I’d give it a 6/10. If the story was told in a different was maybe similar to the Broly film series as in the way the story escalated to the fighting point and characters information wasn’t so confusing then I would have rated it better. 

 For those who have also seen the film, let me know your thoughts and remember if I said something you didn’t agree with then please remember that its my opinion and that’s how i feel about it 🙂 

Goku in his regular state, and in several of h...

Goku in his regular state, and in several of his Super Saiyan forms. (Photo credit: Wikipediajust how I feel about it 🙂 

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