Growing up too fast??

Is it just me or do kids today seem to be growing up way too fast??? i mean really some kids today act like they are full grown adults. I’m not even to sure where to start on this but i will try my best not to make this post too messy and mixed up. I see 13 years olds acting like 23 years olds and it makes me wonder what are those 13 year olds really going to be like when they become  23?? The kids today  to me are kind of disturbing by the way the act and behave. It makes me sacred to have kids in the future god knows how they would turn out. Here is just a few ideas and factors on which might explain why.growing-up-too-fast

When i was growing up i consider myself living a normal childhood. I didn’t for one have internet till i was 16 ( note i was born in the early 90s) But even then internet was becoming more and more popular but i didn’t really feel the need of it. I didn’t have a fancy cell phone or even any phone till i was 15, again something i didn’t think too much about. I didn’t have a bf or any kind of encounter relationship till i was again 16/17. In fact before i was 16 as a child i did normal child like things i.e playing in the park, watching cartoons, playing with toys, talking to friends in school about you know kids talk. Then i turned 16 and well hey rebel times lol but i was staring to work and make my own income.

Today we see kids as young as 13 with iphones or BB and other kids would get picked on if they don’t have the latest things, I see 14 year olds giving relationship advice like they had over 20 year experience, I see 13-15 year olds wearing make-up and going on diets when they haven’t fully grown, i see young people like really really young trying to get laid, i don’t even think they are in puberty yet to actually do anything. I mean there is probably more but things like this makes me worry about how they will be when they actually grow up.

I think with all this technology and all this media trying to tell people how your life is really effecting are parading towards young people to live their proper childhood. Honestly its like their scared to be a young  in case they get bullied or picked on just because they don’t want to live a fast pace life or an adult life. So they get pressured into things which are not usual to see.

I think for one parents should stop giving these items like they was candy and the idea that’s its ok to be an adult when your actually 12. I myself was not allowed to wear make-up and meet guys till i was at least 16 even that when i think about it was still kinda too young. But i did other normal things at that age such as dye hair crazy colors, piercings, wear funky clothes but that’s all normal teenage life. I wasn’t thinking about having a serious relationship or having breast implants because i was a A-cup and i wanted to look older and more sexy, i hadn’t finish growing yet lol.

I understand we live in a modern world now and we have so much more things and facilities when we did back in the day. But i still think that kids are acting much older then they are. i mean we’re only young once, so why throw that away.

The funny thing is i don’t even think they know what ”growing up means”. They think its about clothes, phones, new shoes that by the way is was bought by mommy and daddy, having sex, or drinking etc.  But reality being a grown up means paying bills, supporting yourself, going to work making your own income. They don’t seem to think that way

The best thing to do for a child is let them live like a child, give them a good education, giving your kids some after school activities so they can socialize more, teach you child about the value of hard work and respect.

Worse things to do are giving your child magazines about how to look good, Letting your child watch way to much tv ( this is one of the factors on how they get influenced) ,  giving you child all the latest stuff like it was candy and giving the impression its ok to pretend to be adult without them know the value of being one.





The apprentice scheme

About 2 years ago i was working as a trainee apprentice for a medical recruitment agency.

At first i thought it was a great way to get a qualification and a great way to gain more

 work experience even though the pay was only £100 per week.

I started the company in June filled with promises about pay rise after 3 months and possibility

 of a secure job after my 11 months contact as a apprentice. At first i thought i hit the jackpot and

 i was willing to work extra hard to keep my position safe. However, it was a new department that

 just started and my job was to clean the database and basically start everything from scratch and

 build a new department of recruiting A&E staff. A lot of work for a apprentice who’s suppose to be

 ‘training’ and not an qualified employee of the company. When ever i tried to discuss about my

 training role and the pay (come on £100 per week to build a new department is a living joke that’s

 about £2 per hour) they would brush me off and tell me to keep my head down and work. I had

 enough, i left.

The reason for writhing this blog is to warn young people that now all companies are legit with the

 apprentice scheme. Some just use the ‘apprentice scheme’ so that the apprentice can do all their

 hard work for nothing and by law they can even pay them less then £5.93 minimum wage.

Apprentice scheme is to teach young people how the business runs and help them to achieve an

 NVQ and hopefully if the candidate is good enough they can maybe work full-time employment.

NOT making them do all the hard work for such little money and maybe by then end of the contact

 the company can tell them that they don’t need them anymore.

 So all that hard work for little money for nothing. I took a risk this the company and i hope i don’t

 get fooled twice with heart fulling promises and only verbal contacts. And i also hope young people

 who are deciding to do apprenticeships to understand that if it not all in written contact and your

 not happy then its not worth the hassle and the stress of it