Interested in being a voice actor???

So the other day i stumbled upon a interesting blog about being a voice actor. I thought i’d give the link here for those who may be interested to know some of the tricks and tips in becoming one. The link itself comes from he site ”The Pickled Ginger” The creator and writer herself has some pretty interesting stuff including tips and advice on working from home. If you want to follow the creator of Pickled Ginger please follow the links given below.


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Hey guys check out the new promo video from KARMA part of the Pacific Ocean Records label. Links will be displayed below.









DBZ Battle Of Gods review ** SPOILERS**

Ok so about 2 or 3 days ago someone gave me the link to watch the new DBZ Battle of Gods film which came out in Japan in 2013. Now bare in mind it’s been ages since they last made a film and to be honest I was pretty excited when it came out and couldn’t wait to watch it even if it took 2 years before they release it in English Dubs not to mention the updated graphics making the fight scenes more exciting. 444444

Now when I received the link and it wasn’t one of those spam links or the one’s where you have to sign endless surveys knowing that it’s all bull crap your never gonna see it. So when I got the real deal I literally had my phone on silent because I didn’t want to be disturbed in any way while watching the new film which I have been waiting to see since it was previewed in Japan.

After watching the film I have to say I was slightly disappointed. I actually felt let down. Due to watching the trailers and hearing people hyping it up all the time, I actually thought ” well it was good but not great :/’‘. Few errors with the film I think and especially the story line let me down. It was ok but it wasn’t something I thought ”wow i can’t wait till this film is dubbed and I’ll watch it again”.

The first thing that i didn’t like was the story line itself. It was as if it wasn’t a movie but like an OVA or special episode kinda like the previous film ” Yo son goku and friends return”. I dunno why but it just did. I think the way they met Bills and had their encounter could have been told slightly different. I just think Bills showing up at a party and Goku wanting to fight Bills because he was amazing was really like meh……..  yeah i know Goku also fought Bills to prevent him from destroying earth so like a  hero vs villain theme but I didn’t get that feeling. 

Vegeta not turning super saiyan 3  was also another issue I had, mainly (and this is why I don’t consider GT as part of the story) is because he was able to do 4  in GT ( even though he couldn’t naturally become one) but also I’m surprised knowing him you’d think he would have  trained endlessly to become one mainly because he has always wanted to become stronger than Goku right??  It was even stated in the film that when Bulma got slapped in the face by Bills and Vegeta got angry he even became at one point stronger than Goku, hence why I don’t know why he didn’t become super saiyan 3??

Another thing is Bra or Bulla  (however you want to call her). I always thought she was older than Pan yet she wasn’t in the film. Yes I know she was in GT and many of you will say GT isn’t canon. BUT remember she was also in the last few episodes of DBZ so she was canon yet she wan’t in the film, not that I was bothered too much its just I always thought she was older than Pan. 

Apart from that I mean the fight scenes were great and I really liked Bills and Wiss and of course the graphics were awesome to. Other than that I’d give it a 6/10. If the story was told in a different was maybe similar to the Broly film series as in the way the story escalated to the fighting point and characters information wasn’t so confusing then I would have rated it better. 

 For those who have also seen the film, let me know your thoughts and remember if I said something you didn’t agree with then please remember that its my opinion and that’s how i feel about it 🙂 

Goku in his regular state, and in several of h...

Goku in his regular state, and in several of his Super Saiyan forms. (Photo credit: Wikipediajust how I feel about it 🙂 

Evolution of communication

There are so many ways to get in contact with people today and its just so easy nowadays that it makes it hard to just vanish out of thin air  when you want to loooool. I’m going to make a evolution of communication timeline (sort of) of how  social networking has evolved and how we stay in contact with them. Bare in mind i don’t remember everything only going to list the things i do remember lol. Of course we all know that the internet is top dog but even today we still more or less use the same methods as people did 50 years ago  when it comes to communicating with someone, though the methods of the past has either upgraded, business use mainly or some people just like staying old fashion


social_networking_evolution Timeline_of_popular

So these are the top dog ways aka the internet, but as you can see even some of the old social networking sites has changed since the internet first become popular. It has expanded to a wider range and even some of the sites has be claimed to be old school e.g Bebo and MSN


download (12) download (9)

Pretty much back in the 90s cell phones started to become more and more popular and was very useful to us all to get in contact with someone when we needed to, then of course came the texting . Everyone (nearly) owns a cell phone, of course we can do so much more with it then just calling and texting and even texting has become a thing of the past thanks to Whatsapp, BBM, imessage and many other free apps we can have to communicate.


download (14)

Pretty much similar to the 90s but during the 80s when cell phones were brought out to this world not only was it super huge but also very expensive, so not many people had them. Most people would still use some of the other methods listed below before the cell phones existed.   However today millions and millions of people has one.


download (15) download (16) download (17) images (6)

Home phones were top choice, and has been around for very long time up until now and because we didn’t have any device to save any number or address we’d use a little book or in case we forgot it we can always resort to the classic napkins. But if you had to message someone how lives far away then sending letters was another option in case you didn’t have their number to call. Still today we still send letters though it more for business i.e sending contracts and what not or when we need to send a  large parcel. Home telephones again something we have today as well but again not many people use it due to having cheap contracts and great deals on a cell phone or just use the internet. Some people still use contact books however we now save our contacts into one place.


download (21) download (23) download (20) download (19)

So more or less these are other things some people would use to get in touch with someone. Faxing was around in those times and still is today, messenger boy use to deliver letters by bicycle or deliver by foot although today we call the mail men lol. Telegraphs  i don’t think anybody uses that and as for pigeons we can say for sure nobody uses them haha.


download (22)

It was all just a coincidence. before we had ways the methods to communicate with someone  it was  just luck. And still even today its like that believe it or not. Its not all the time we get to stay in touch with someone we used to know even with all the technology and all the devices. Sometimes its just a coincidence :P.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, if you feel like i missed anything out or you had your own ways of staying in touch with someone please comment below.  I myself have probably forgotten a few things then again it is 9.30am so go easy on me. Till then bye 🙂

Who is who part 3 ( LNDs)

Who are the LNDs?
The LNDs have been on the tip of everyone’s tongue for the last two years, but who are they? The duo consists of two rappers, Jay and Mario. Jay the eldest of the two was born and raised in Hackney, spending most of his life in that area. However, just before finishing secondary school Jay’s parents decided it would be best they move to Grenada, for two years. During those two years, Jay was said to have learnt many important life skills, which then went on to keep him out of trouble.

Mario was born in Colombia. He later on moved to the UK, with his family at a young age, but has since then has not forgotten his native tongue, in which he usually raps. Since returning to the UK, both Jay and Mario met, by chance in Hackney. Since then the LND’s story began. Within days having both realised they shared a passion, as well as a talent for music they started to write new material. They are now a hard working duo that are developing and recording exciting transatlantic music, which consists of both an English and Latin sound.

The LNDs main aim is to allow their music to connect with people positively. “Our musical concept is to bring together real life situations, as a form of escapism”. The themes in their music can be seen through everyday life experiences, such as love, heart break and the effects of growing up inside a modern city. Together their music can cross the global and be identified by people from all walks of life. This is a far cry from the street lyrics; which they first decided to start writing. However, they made a conscious decision to make songs which did not glorify the violence, which from an early age surrounded them whilst having grown up. The LNDs believe that they have something fresh and new to offer as a duo in the music industry.

Since having started with the hip hop genre, they later moved on to work with other genres such as reggaeton, and a variety of other fusion genres. This has benefited the duo by making them more diverse and adaptable, as well as creating a unique sound for themselves. However, the two specific genres which they are mainly focused on are hip hop and reggaeton, but effortlessly combine new and different genres to their sound. Mario produces some of their more unique instrumentals while the rest have been produced for by various U.K producers and they are now working with producers from the USA.

Starting in 2002 they would meet up to write music whenever possible and finally started to record in 2007 by making very important contacts in the industry. Today they laugh as they look back and remember of dreaming to one day to use a professional studio.
Today that dream and so much more has materialised with hard work and commitment as they continue their journey. Both have completed university degrees and work part time to fund their music promotions and activities. The LNDs are performing across London with their exciting new sound and also constantly writing new material as well as recording frequently.


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Who is who part 2 (Moses Ssebandeke)

I have known Moses for 5-6 years now.  I first met him at a place called YCTV and it was a filming school charity based. It was a place were young people from the age of 14-25 years old use to come and pitch their own projects they would like to do as well as being taught how to film, using Camera and taking part in projects e.g short films or magazine shows. Unfortunately it closed down from 2009 March. However Moses still persuaded his dream into becoming a directer. me

He has since them directed Music videos, one in particular the LNDs, worked for Live Magazine, have been on radio 1 extra as part of a apprentice and is currently doing a internship with the BBC which he will work in different fields within the BBC. Moses has also done some of his own music, writing his own films as well ad taking part in play and poetry slams. I think he is one of the people i know that has done so much since the time i have known him and i am happy to this day to still know him and now working with him in future projects.

If you would like to know more about Moses and his works please check out some of the links below where you can find all the information you need to know about him and some of his amazing work he have produced.




YOUTUBE: MOSES: moses ssebandeke




Who is who part 1 CutThroatLines

Right so about 2 days ago i made a post about links that people was asking me about but i think i should probably give a brief description of each one and also i have been given new links.


Just so you just know Mimitaboo and CutThroatLines are the same person lol in case some of you who are following me were wondering. CutThroatLines itself focuses on promoting new up coming artists. This can be from music, filming, modeling, creative writing, plays, theater, arts etc etc.  At the moment i am currently helping and working with LNDs and Moses Ssebandeke, however i am more them happy to promote other new acts which is why i have added a contact form.

Of course still being mimitaboo i will still occasionally write my own personal blogs as well as promote others. At this current stage CutThroats is still very fresh but i hope over time it will expand and hope to work with great people.

How does it work??

Well  like what  the LNDs and Moses Ssebandeke has done, they have sent me their work via email etc and i broadcast their work on blogs, youtube, instagram, buzzfeed as well as using trigger sites to broadcast and promote them to 20 different sites at once. Of course i would need their full permission to broadcast their work.

I also use to get people asking me to make blog collaborations, which i am still happy to do so since like i mentioned before i will still be writing my own stuff.




YOUTUBE : Mizz Mims


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