Who is who part 1 CutThroatLines

Right so about 2 days ago i made a post about links that people was asking me about but i think i should probably give a brief description of each one and also i have been given new links.


Just so you just know Mimitaboo and CutThroatLines are the same person lol in case some of you who are following me were wondering. CutThroatLines itself focuses on promoting new up coming artists. This can be from music, filming, modeling, creative writing, plays, theater, arts etc etc.  At the moment i am currently helping and working with LNDs and Moses Ssebandeke, however i am more them happy to promote other new acts which is why i have added a contact form.

Of course still being mimitaboo i will still occasionally write my own personal blogs as well as promote others. At this current stage CutThroats is still very fresh but i hope over time it will expand and hope to work with great people.

How does it work??

Well  like what  the LNDs and Moses Ssebandeke has done, they have sent me their work via email etc and i broadcast their work on blogs, youtube, instagram, buzzfeed as well as using trigger sites to broadcast and promote them to 20 different sites at once. Of course i would need their full permission to broadcast their work.

I also use to get people asking me to make blog collaborations, which i am still happy to do so since like i mentioned before i will still be writing my own stuff.

TWITTER  : https://twitter.com/CutThroatLines

TUMBLR  : http://my-cutthroatlines.tumblr.com/


YOUTUBE : Mizz Mims

PINTEREST : http://www.pinterest.com/cutthroatl/

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