Is moving easy part 3. The first step solution

Hello all its been a while since i made a post i know but i have been busy looking for some information about moving and i would like to share my search so far so please enjoy the read :).Tim_MacPherson_FlatShare2

As you might know from my previous posts about moving i was finding it very VERY difficult about getting started in a new country and i was being realistic about the cons you might face when moving that other websites might not tell you, they make it sound too easy when actually its not. BUT i have found some solutions to this problem which again i’m not saying its 100% guarantee it will work but you will have more of a chance to stay in your dream location.


Now the best thing to do when looking for a place to stay unless you have the money to buy your own property is flat sharing/room to rent. Now although you might have to share bathroom and what not it is literally the only way to get started in a new country. When i was trying to get a flat in Italy and Switzerland almost all the agencies will prefer you to be working already, have residence and you MUST be in the country to see the flat and meet the landlords. You cannot retain or even send a deposit if you are over seas, and this can be a pain in the ass especially if your currently staying in a hotel which for 1 weeks worth in a hotel you have your own flat for that price.

Flat sharing isn’t bad at all, its a starting point. Once you have a room doesn’t have to be luxury to (unless you want it to be lol) you can from there settle yourself more, get and look for a job and do all the paper work required at your own time rather then rush everything while your staying in a hotel. I would recommend at least 3 to 6 month before you look for your own place. By then you will have a job, residence in the country and know all the rules and regulations and where to go to do them. Unless you get along with your room mate you can choose to stay to.

Useful links to find a flat share are: : Here you can find rooms to rent from all over the world, you can be a basic member however you cant see contacts or email directly, but with a small fee you can access all the sites features, email directly, contact number etc. Its a really good site and i would recommend  This site is for Switzerland only, Its usually in German but you can change the language setting on the site. People here can either post free ads for searching for a room or flat mate and you can use the location and price tools to find your dream accommodation. This site has no fees to use all the features This site is more of a expat forum but there is a ”housing” option where you can search for renting, buying or flat share options all over the world. Registration is free you don’t need to pay only sign up and a way you go.


Make sure you always ask all the questions you need to know even if you feel like a pest for asking to much DON’T BE. Make sure you see the lease of the flat before moving in because worse case scenario is the person you are renting a room from might have to leave due to eviction and then you will have to leave to. Make sure you ask the person how long is their lease for so that you can be sure you won’t have to leave after 2 weeks and hunt again for a new place. And if they say they own the property make sure you see supporting documents to confirm this.

Well this is a short post just to talk about accommodation. Like i said flat share is the only way really to get started, it might be with over 5 people and you might not have that privacy but its a stepping stone to get you started at lease.

I also recommend joining a few expat forums and read relating thread about moving. You would be surprised how much things you didn’t know when it come to moving site i recommend are: ( switzerland only) ( worldwide) ( worldwide) ( only italy)

I will probably make another blog about this certain topic in the near future and lets see how things go from here 🙂

Bye for now



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