Even more streotyping. World list

Just a list of more types of stereotypes we hear today’s world. This it not to offend anyone, these are the things we hear in society and media on a daily base and statement i have either heard or found.



  • All English people are posh
  • All Irish and Scottish people are alcoholics
  • All french people are rude or just eat cheese and bread all day
  • All Spanish people eat Chorizo
  • All Italians are in the Mafia and eat spaghetti, lasagna, and pizza only.
  • All Hollanders smokes weed
  • All Russians are violent Mobs
  • All Germans are still following and supporting the  Nazi
  • All Indian people are either doctors or work in a telecom company
  • All middle east hates the west
  • All Italians are good lovers and romantic
  • All Asian people are super smart compare to other races
  • All Black people have big dicks and Asians has the smallest
  • All Thai people are ladyboys
  • All Japanese people love manga and anime
  • All Rednecks are stupid
  • All Americans are supersize
  • All Germans drink is Beer and eat Sausages
  • All Jews are cheap
  • All Greeks are hairy
  • All Colombians take cocaine
  • All Mexicans wear Sombreros and drink Tequila
  • All African Americans are good at basket ball
  • All Africans are the fastest runners
  • All Chinese does martial arts
  • All Americans are obsessed with celebrities
  • All Canadians lives in the woods
  • All Swedish people buy all their furniture from Ikea
  • All Eastern Europeans are job takers
  • All Mexicans are job takers
  • All Indian do is eat curry and dance
  • All Asians has small boobs
  • All black people has big butts
  • All American women are plastic surgery obsessed
  • All Muslim women wear the vial or burka
  • All Muslim women are housewives
  • All Eastern European are thieves
  • All Mexicans eat is tacos
  • All Arab people owns a oil company or are kings and princes
  • All Arab people drives a Mercedes or BMW

Wow what a list loool i’m sure they are many many more out there. If you found some more just comment below 🙂



4 thoughts on “Even more streotyping. World list

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