Breast enlargement truths and myths

Hey all. Well today i was just thinking about something i don’t think i have written about yet, something new and i hope you guys will like or have some sort of interest lol. Its about breast enlargement. I’m not going to make about rant about whether its a good or bad thing, just going to make a few points about it and express my opinions about the whole thing as well as talk about the artificial and natural ways. breast-implant

How are breast form??

Ok now it’s mainly two things. 1. fats and 2 genetics. As you all know breast and made from fatty tissue stored in your breast. It goes to say that the more you eat the bigger they will become, however we can’t control where the fats goes in our bodies but we can do exercise to keeps the breast looking firm and lose weight anywhere else in the body where needed. BUT having say the more you eat the bigger they become is not always true. If you have a very high  metabolism then it will be hard to store fat anywhere never mind your breasts and i wouldn’t recommend pushing yourself to eat more because you will over work your stomach ( which already works fast). How do i know, well i have a  high metabolism and if i try to push myself to gain weight by eating more i will be  sick and have bad stomach pains because i over worked my stomach.

Genetics. Yes it can also be a pass down from mothers or even grandmothers. If large breast runs in your family then it would be a more likely chance you will have large breast to. Again not all the time, sometimes the genes catch more from one side then the other unless both side of the family have this gene.


Ok well the first and most successful way to make them bigger is of course plastic surgery. But i need to note two things about it which they won’t tell you. First off you would need to change and replace them every 3-5 years. Some can be done every 10 years but think about this your going to have to save at least up to 5K  or more after your surgery for the next time when they need to be taken out and replaced. Now unless you have a lot of money and don’t care then that’s fine, But if you don’t well its might be a problem after 5 years or more. I know the NHS can take them out for free but they won’t replace with a new one. You can’t keep the same implant forever mainly because of the infections you might get once expired. Second thing i hear and even even felt once its that you loss sensation. You don’t have that same feeling when you touch the breast and also it does feel a bit like a basketball (well the woman did go from a B cup to a F loool)

The only thing i’m going to say about this is make sure you always do 10000000000% research on the surgeon before even considering, many cases things has gone wrong and sometimes unfixable. Also i would say if your considering to do it once you have fully developed. Breasts stops growing from your early 20s, there is not point getting them done at 16 when you haven’t fully grown yet. I also want to say if your going to do them then do it for yourself. Please don’t consider this because others have pressured you to do it.


Now all these creams and enhance pills 80% don’t work like they say they would. why??? well its simple to make the breast and only the breast bigger is hard unless everything else gets bigger ( except for plastic surgery). These products might work with women who already have large proportion but it might take much much longer for others who don’t and even so you might gain maybe a cup size bigger if not half a cup. And lets face it if these products did really work then nobody would be getting breast implants anymore.   The only things i notice does work is birth control pills. They have pro-estrogen which can increase breast size BUT again all your body will get bigger to. Its just something we really can’t help or control or of course getting pregnant will make your breasts bigger .

Myself i think well each to there own really. We can’t say yes its 100% right or no its 100% wrong. I guess we can see it from two points of views. One which is for more confidence. If a woman really feels insecure with herself then i guess she has the right to make herself feel better and most of then time those women only go a cup size or 2 bigger (depending on how small they are) just to proportion themselves or another way i see it is women who work in a adult industry i.e strip clubs or porn may get it for their jobs, again something i can understand why and i’m sure we can to.

The second point we can see it from is because of more attention and or pressure. Now for me doing it for attention is very off putting, its basically saying your cheap and have nothing else good to show about yourself. Sorry it this offends people, and doing it because of pressure again you have to think to yourself that we are all born with a unique features don’t let anybody talk down on you because you might be a A cup. I see some women with small breasts but they have amazing legs which most men would find that more appealing.  Like most girls who thinks the bigger the better, tbh men don’t actually care, as long as its there even small or big a woman is a woman and most of them like different aspect of a woman. Some likes legs, butt, face, feet, eyes, lips and of course the most important personality etc etc.

Anyways like i said be careful and always think before considering something that will change your life forever and also if you do please don’t go overboard to the point where you just look like a stick with 2 footballs on your chest, keep it proportion with the rest 🙂




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