Dating fails. The heros, villains and down right retarded.

Well i have found a somewhat funny/omg/wtf  site regarding to fail dating or first dates.  This site is suppose to be people submitting their dates and what happens and people would rate it up or rate it down. Now of course i will put the link here at the bottom, but first i just want to elaborate on some of the post i found to be a hero move, villain move and some are just plain retard move and why i personally categories them in that group. So enjoy my top 10 best list. datefail_whitebackground

1.Retard move 

”Realizing I was physically disabled, the first thing my blind date asked was if I could still cook and clean properly. I left without answering.”

Really……. i mean do you think its wise to ask a disable person this question, do people not have any common sense anymore????? I don’t even have to fully express why i put this in the retard group. Good on the girl for leaving his ass straight away god knows how many other retarded questions he would have asked.

2.  Retard move

”I went on a date with this guy, who clearly worked out a lot and had lots of tattoos, which is a major turn-on for me. He started telling about his new tattoo, and I asked to see it: it was a half-naked woman, who had ripped out a guys heart, that covered his entire back. He said he had it done because of how much his ex had hurt him. Great….”

Now i’m not putting it in the retard section because of the guy very expressive tattoo but because the woman herself clearly states tattoos are a major turn off???? i mean if you don’t like them then why the fuck you going out with a guy who has them??? its like me not liking pickles yet i order a salad full of pickles??? and that’s why this entry goes in the retard group.

3. Villain move 

”I dated him for about two weeks and thought it was safe to bring him to my company picnic. He was nice and funny, but had a very annoying habit of talking about calories and fat content every time we ate together. My done point was when I reached for a cookie at the picnic and he looked at me with a frown and said “Ummmm…Do you really need that?”

Ok any guy that says this is a complete waste, i mean really how rude is that to say to a girl???  Plus these are the types of people that will try and bring you down by any means even if you are as fit as a fiddle as they say. If i was this girl i would have shoved it where the sun don’t shine and then make him eat it.

4. Hero move 

”I went on a date with this girl from work. We had dinner at a nice restaurant and it all seemed to be going great. While we were walking together on the street, a black Mercedes passed us by. The girl stopped walking, threw a hungry stare at the car and let out a sigh. She said: “Oh, money impresses me so much!” She went home, alone.”

And it serves her right to. I made a blog about ” things you shouldn’t say in a date” and here is the reason why you shouldn’t take about money in that kind of way because no matter how good looking you are if you come across as a gold digger they will leave your ass. Hence why i think this guy made a hero move.

5.Villain move

”I went out with this one girl a couple of times. On our third date she looked at me and asked if I had ever considered getting my eyebrows waxed.”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yep its a cycle here and something i nor other will understand but like i said you find something wrong or unappealing with the person then DON’T FUCKING DATE THEM. SIMPLE. Why go though hell and making the other person’s life a misery just because your  have nothing else better to do but complain about something you knew about but thought ” fuck it, i’m gonna be a moaning asshole anyways”

6. Villain/retard move

”I was in a chat room and met this this guy. We both love horses and we really hit it off. So we decided to met up in the stables. He looked at me and said the horses look better than you. I left and cried for 6 days straight!”

Poor girl, but whether it was a joke or not still if your dating someone for the first time remember to keep all jokes at bay if none at all ( harsh ones). I mean having a laugh and few minor jokes is cool but your date is not your best friend you usually take the piss out off. Until you get to know the person really well then i wouldn’t suggest making harsh jokes like that. That’s how you end up forever alone and one day your so call ” joke” can lead to other reactions such as a punch in the face.

7. Villain Move

”When I picked up my date she looked at me & made a weird face, like she was disappointed. I asked her what was wrong & she said that my shirt clashed with her outfit. She said to wait on her doorstep while she ran up to change. 25 min. later she came back & said that it would just be easier if we went out and bought me a new shirt before dinner.”

I’m sorry but if i was the guy i would have just left….. i mean she’s picky about the shirt just imagine everything else. I mean poor guy had to wait and all. But seriously i heard about picky people before but this takes the trophy. Next thing you know she will be telling the guy how to take a dump and make sure the toilet paper doesn’t clash with the shit.

8. Hero move

”I went out on a date with a guy I have been friends with for 2 weeks. After the dinner and movie he parked in front of a motel. I asked him what he was doing, and he literally said, ” I talked to you, listened to you, and took you out on a date. So you’re gona f**k me right?”

Hahaha now your probably thinking why the fuck i put this as a hero move and well the reason is because, at least he’s straight up and not messing about. Sure it might sound sleazy but hey lest he’s not pretending or leading her to believe anything, just straight  to the point yes or no loooool. I mean i would rather hear that then someone leading you on to something that will never happen.

9. Hero move

”I was out with a few girls one night and I saw a gorgeous guy playing pool with a bunch of friends. I could tell that he was interested & I was so excited when he walked toward me. But when he leaned in and introduced himself I almost passed out. He had the funkiest breath I have ever smelled! He asked for my number & I told him I was taken.”

Hahahaha i like how this girl deal with the awkward situation, no need for me to explain further to why this is in the hero group. Least she wasn’t directly insulting the guy like some would, she just slyed that nicely.

10. Retard move 

”Years ago, I went on a date with a hot girl. We clicked right away. In fact, she was coming on to me very strongly. We went back to my small apartment and she started to grind on my leg. We were kissing and it was dark. After a half hour she left, when I looked down at my jeans they were soaked in blood. UHHHHHHHH. Didn’t call her again.”

And some people  just don’t understand the meaning of mother nature can be very VERY unpredictable. I mean is not like she had her period on purpose, it can happen anytime and most likely unexpected. This guy is a retard because he seems like a shallow type. If she had a dump on you that would be a whole other situation. But lets understand this  guys, When a girl does have her period don’t make her feel worse or embarrassed then she might already. Its part of mother nature, get over it.

And that concludes my top 10. Check out the website for more stories that you might consider and a hero, villain or just plain retard move.


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