Top 10 common beauty/health secrets that does nothing

Well we have all at one time or another looked on the internet or even read magazines about how to stay healthy, young,  beautiful and looking better. However are most of the common facts we read are true or just cock and balls to spend unnecessary money or even waste our time trying to make things better or nothing happening at all. I will list some of the most common things we hear on a daily bases which says it will help but actually does nothing or make things worse. download

1. 8 Glass of water a day myth

Yes i’m sure we are always told that drinking 8 glasses of water per day will keep your skin hydrated and look young. BULLSHIT. excuse my French here but it really doesn’t do much in fact its a myth. reasons, well its proven  the more we drink water the more our kidneys function and the more pressure you put on your kidneys the more chances you will have kidney failure.  Also doctors has no evidence on how many glasses of water you must drink per day.Its the manufactures that pushes you to buy more water and spend money on something that isn’t even true. i will add a link to read on about this myth :

2. 5 a day

Yep the whole ”5 a day” eating fruits and vegs is another cock and balls really. There is no scientific fact that eating 5 a day will help reduce cancer, lung disease, heart disease etc. In fact you can get more vitamins from eating liver then you can from a apple. The supermarkets use this 5 a day brand as an excuse to raise the prices on fruit and vegs. I’m not saying we should all stop eating fruits and vegs but we don’t have to necessary force ourselves to eat soo much of  it when you can get the same vitamins and minerals from meat, daily, bread etc. Again i will post the full link here about it :

3. Anti aging creams

Yeah i don’t really have to explain why this is a fail tbh. But i do know that they might keep your skin moist and what not but there isn’t really a cream to keep you younger or get ride of all wrinkles like we see on the ads, growing old is a part of life and the only think to keep it up and lifted is probably botox  and drinking 8 glasses of water doesn’t make the progress better lol

4. Cucumber on the eyes myth

Yep another myth. They say the vitamins goes to your eyes and reduce blood vessel exposing but actually its because cucumbers can last a long time being cool after it is taken out of the fridge. Its not the vitamins ( supposedly)  that helps, its the coolness, so the same method would work if you used a damp cloth on your eyes as long as its cool.

5. Cutting your eyelashes to make them long.

Yes some people say this will work the same way as cutting your hair. But it doesn’t. Please don’t do this you will end up eyelash less.

6. Washing your hair everyday

Yes by washing it will always smell nice but it will also take out all the natural oils to help them grow and your hair will be dry and damage due to no moister.

7. Eating junk food causes spots

Well yes BUT they are other main factors to which we cannot help such as stress, hormones, changing diets, bacteria and pollution. So don’t always blame the junk food for spots its only a minor contribution to it as suppose to the others listed.

8. Waxing is better

Well yes and no and also depends the person. Some people only wax once a month and have less hair and some does it once a week. There is no better or worse ways to remove hair, shaving and waxing it all depends on your genetics and that will determine how fast or slow your hair will grow. Also some people may have skin irritation after waxing and cause skin to become sore and red hence why they seek other alternatives to remove hair.

9. Pulling grey hair

They say if you pull one grey hair many more will come….. NO. Its like saying if you pull a carrot from the ground 10 more will just appear just like that haha.

10. Using facial scrub creams and products.

Ok this is kinda linking back to number 7 but unfortunately most facial scrubs we use to clean our face does not work 100% . I mean yes it will clean your skin but it will not get ride of spots or pores like it says it would. The main factors like i said on number 7 was mainly due to diet, pollution, stress, hormones etc. And somethings we can’t control, its a part of nature or environmental facor. Lets face it if you have a good diet, live in the fresh air and not stress your skin will have hardly if no stops or break outs without the facial scrub itself.

There’s my list of common things and remember don’t always believe what your hear on the TV or Magazines 🙂








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