Same thing right???? maybe not

Sometimes i get asked or hear people getting asked questions, its normal its how was get to understand things and know each other. But sometimes the following questions that gets asked afterwards can make you think ” wow….. really that’s what you think”. So i’m just going write the most common ones and even answer them so that you know next time before you say ” same thing right”. Here are few examples:

man 1 ” where are you from??

man 2 ” India”

man 1 ” ah so your Muslim ( note there are a large population of Muslims in India)

man 2 ” no i am Hindu”

man 1 ” same thing right???”

man 2 ” the hell????? -_-”

Ok yeah i know but most people would confuse the two so lets explain this a bit more. I’m not an expert on religion but i know the main difference of the two. First the belief,  who and what they worship, culture. These are the three main difference they are others and i can go on forever but please bare in mind that they are NOT the same thing.

Another scenario i have over heard before again this is a mix between ” same thing” and ” are you sure” question.

woman 1 :” Where are you from”

woman 2 ” morocco”

woman 1 ” ah so your Arab”

woman 2 ” not exactly i’m north African Muslim”

woman 1 ” really??  why are you white?? isn’t Moroccans and Arabs the same thing you both Muslims”

Believe it or not this q&a is true and let me address this. YES they do share the same religion and language then again some Africans are Muslim’s does that make them Arabs or even Pakistan. The Arabs in the middle east are totally different to the Moroccans etc. Muslim is not a race its a belief.  Its not about the religion is about the continent Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia etc are all on the TOP PART OF AFRICA, they are not Middle eastern  if you look at the map carefully. They only share the religion, language and even history together but they are both difference in their own societies. And you don’t need to be black to be African that’s a really big stereotype.

Other things that are not the same is transsexual  transvestite and transgender. Transsexual is a man/woman born and then they change their sex to the opposite. Transgender and people born with both male and female hormones and part. Transvestite are just cross dresser’s basically and NO not all cross dressers are gay, some just like to wear women clothes or vice versa.

Being called skinny and slim there is a difference on the effect of the word. Being called Skinny is like bones, more meat what so ever, very thin, unhealthy look. Slim on the other hand is not fat, healthy still, has some meat and muscles and a shapely body.

Chinese to Japanese same thing??? NO they might share history together and in the same continent but all and all different people in terms of culture, life, laws, society, language and even looks.

The list can go on but remember just because people share religious belief, skin tonne or even next door to each other don’t presume they are the same because if they was for example Japan would be called china because its the ”same thing”.

Notable Arabs for the infobox. From left to ri...

Notable Arabs for the infobox. From left to right: Philippus Arabus, John of Damascus, al-Kindi, al-Khansa, King Faisal I, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Asmahan, and May Ziade. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the next time if your not to sure about something  read and learn about it before you blurt something out that might offended and even getting you head beating by a big encyclopedia.




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