Are you sure???

English: Tanned arm

English: Tanned arm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well this probably happen to most people before and i find it extremely annoying i could punch someone in the face. BUT i hate telling people where i am from and get looked at is if i was alien or god knows then on top of the i get questioned like im in court or something. Here’s story.

I am mix race ( Italian and Iranian), I have tanned skin and hazel eyes etc etc. People always ask where i am from or PRESUME im Asian. Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against them its just well  that fact that you think all tanned skin people are Asian really says a lot about your education. lets get this straight and clear NOT ALL TANNED PEOPLE ARE FROM ASIA NOR ARE ALL BLACK PEOPLE FROM AFRICA.

To make things even more retarded people would often say after i tell them where i am from this stupid question

” Are you sure” ???????? You fucking kidding me now -_- that’s like saying to a black Brazilian:

” are you sure you not from Africa???? i swear all black people must be from Africa, its not possible they are others”

See how STUPID this comment is and trust me i heard this question before. Another things i hear which is also retarded is this

” i swear Italian and Iranians are all white you are tanned” -_-  * shot me now pleeeeeeeeeeeease*

Look FYI some are white and some are tanned, all the south Italians and Iranians would be more tanned because they get more SUN and yes sun = tan AND both my parents comes from the south so yhhhhhh can’t help it there can i lol Plus what about Brazilians, some are white and some are dark. Same with S.America, Asian, middle east etc

The main point is if you don’t know where a person is from DON”T JUST GUESS BY LOOKING AT THE SKIN COLOR THAT’S STEREOTYPING AND YOU WILL LOOK LIKE A RETARD, Just ask politely and when they tell you.



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